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Michael Kors Set to Open Flagship in Soho

Courtesy of Fashion BI

Michael Kors will be opening a new flagship store in Soho.

The purveyor of womenswear, currently operating out of 101 Prince Street in Soho, will grab 15,000 square feet at 520 Broadway for its new flagship. Coincidentally, the deal comes in light of the recent surge in popularity of their wristwatches and handbags. Read More

Michael Kors Grabs Benetton Space in Flatiron for 10 Years

133 Fifth Avenue

Summer is certainly the season of Michael Kors, what with perpetual tans, effortless sailboat posing and, it turns out, relentless retail expansion.

The 10-year lease will give the designer a 2,500-square-feet location at 133 Fifth Avenue, at 19th Street. The new space, which is currently occupied by a Benetton retail store, will Read More