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Evening Links (Early!): Earl and Hamptons Brokers; Moinian and Foreclosure; Quinn and Vornado

Editor’s note: We will not be blogging Monday. Happy Labor Day!

Twin steel columns from original World Trade Center back at ground zero. (Curbed)

Devonshire House ties biggest sale ever with $5.2 million deal. (Curbed)

More trouble for Moinian: foreclosure proceedings at 1775 Broadway. (Bloomberg)

Columbia wants Inwood waterfront to build sports Read More

Cuozzo’s Sweet Side (Sugar-Free)

We always knew New York Post food critic, real estate columnist and jack-of-all trades Steve Cuozzo was a cuddly doll at heart. But rarely does he reveal that side in writing. Until now.

The Cuozz has an uncommonly sincere column in today’s paper about his struggle with Type 2 diabetes — the same disease whose Read More


Evening Links: Ladies Nights Saved; Rangel on the Mosque; Viziers Instead of Tsars

Gary Malin totally stoked about Beekman Tower. (The Real Deal)

Politicians should consider appointing “viziers” instead of “tsars.” Better connotations. (Economist)

Rangel rallies in support of Islamic community center near Ground Zero. (City Room)

Dunlap revisits St. Vincent’s. (City Room)

Attorney’s attempt to end ladies nights at least temporarily foiled. (Read More