J.D. Parker

Lessons from the Street

The Database vs. the Rolodex

Long gone are the days of the Rolodex, at least for most of us

I’m sure there are a few dinosaurs left out there from the Triassic period, but most of us have moved on and come into the 21st century. Around the turn of the last century, there was dramatic upheaval in the real Read More

Lessons from the Street

Do You Swim With The Sharks?

Are you in a shark tank right now?  Do you have arrows in your back from fellow agents always meddling in your business?  Do you lock your desk or your private office when you leave for the day?  Do you turn papers over on your desk when certain colleagues approach?  Has someone stolen something off Read More

Lessons from the Street

Can I Run the Team?

I often hear from my agents that they don’t understand why I manage.

The statement that usually follows is that they themselves think they would never want to manage real estate agents. The funny thing about that paradigm is that all of my top producers are managing other sales agents. In fact, the only way Read More


Jack of all trades, master of none …

Some great advice I once got from my wise uncle at the beginning of my real estate career was: just do one thing and become the best at it.

This advice applies to all professions—medicine, law, accounting and certainly real estate.

I took this advice to heart when I started my career, and it still Read More