Dana Rubinstein

Inn Demand

Get a Room? Get Some Cash! Hotel Rates Rising

It’s now or never folks, because the bonanza of cheap hotel rooms in New York City is nearly over, according to The New York Times. As with so many deplorable Times Square phenomena, we have the business travel community to thank for the recovering hotel industry.

[NYU professor Bjorn] Hanson estimated that the number Read More

Lunch Breaks

Dancing With Skyscrapers

If we worked in Lower Manhattan, rather than Times Square, this is how we’d be spending our lunch breaks.

A Canadian dancer named Paul-Andre Fortier is performing a dance called 30×30 every day at noon in front of Brookfield Properties’ One New York Plaza.

The Times’s dance critic describes the dance thusly:

He faces, Read More

When It's Not Your Money

The Mogul, Lost and Found: Developer Shaya Boymelgreen in the City of Second Acts

The breakneck rise and fall of New York developer Shaya Boymelgreen unfolds like a Gilded Age novel of social ascendance: young man immigrates to ethnic neighborhood in big city; accidentally takes part in Crown Heights riot of historic importance; strikes up fortuitous friendship with Uzbek diamond billionaire who agrees to bankroll his projects; Read More


Escrow Hos Close the Deal

An architect and a real estate broker walk into the Four Seasons Hotel bar. The architect is feeling indebted to the broker for hooking him up with some business and is taking the broker out for a night on the town. By the time the architect arrives, his compatriot has already thrown back a few Read More