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Developing Luxury Retail Stores: What Matters, Part I

New York City’s luxury retail market is absolutely booming. And in today’s environment of social and sophisticated interactive online media, physical environments play a pivotal role in validating the consumer’s perception of any brand. This is particularly the case for luxury goods retailers because it is in their environments that the customer experience and brand Read More

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Leave the Stone Age, Part II: Pricing the Cost of Construction in the 21st Century

In my previous column, I discussed the failure of the design/construction industry to embrace technology, which restricts the much-needed evolution of this $1 trillion industry.

In particular, the design/construction industry lacks a standardized, searchable database that allows owners to review the current costs of all of the various products used to build their projects.

The Read More

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Leave the Stone Age, Part I: Pricing the Cost of Construction in the 21st Century

The irony of today’s $1 trillion design and construction industry is that, while many new projects are glass and steel, we are operating, essentially, in the Stone Age.

Technology is a prime example. Most industries have embraced technology as a means to becoming more efficient and transparent.

Meanwhile, the design/construction industry has no centralized marketplace—a Read More

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Owners Beware: Standard Construction Contracts Include Wallet-Draining Risks

Corporate, commercial and institutional owners alike—even developers—all too often believe that if they have just one or two real estate projects under their belt, they fully understand how they are designed and built.

I urge them all to reconsider.

Every project has unique aspects that impact how they are designed and ultimately constructed, rendering each Read More

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Owners Beware, Part II: Five Ways to Avoid Cost Overruns on Any Construction Project

In my last column, I discussed four important facts about the design and construction of large projects. Now let’s take a look at five achievable solutions for avoiding cost overruns:

Solution No. 1: The design team contracts should clearly require that the architect and engineers produce complete and coordinated drawings. A “fast track” model—wherein construction Read More


Owners Beware, Part I: Four Important Facts About Design and Construction of Large Projects

The development of many new construction projects in and around the New York City area has begun to return to pre-recession levels. Unfortunately, so have the problems with unwarranted cost overruns and delays that plague most projects using standard AIA or other form agreements and so-called “fast-track” projects that incorporate a “guaranteed maximum price.”

Too Read More